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Covid cases still on the rise.
Cases of covid have been growing in Guatemala but fortunately not in Chajul, which has been in lockdown and will remain in lockdown for at least another month.  Food and basic supplies are hard to come by for the families in Chajul and especially in the surrounding areas.  Your donations over the previous months have helped make two major covid relief food and supply distributions possible!

Our previous fundraiser (pre-covid) was to build a community greenhouse. We are sending funds to our local partners for two communities to build green houses and buy seedlings for vegetables.  We believe this project is important. It will not only give people something to do and create, but also provide easier access to food! Corn has become  quite expensive and is a mainstay for the families. The women of CEMIK met and decided to use the funds from donations to support the families of the children who attend CEMIK (88 families) as well as two rural communities. These populations have been badly affected by the new and ongoing covid pandemic and shutdowns. Many of these villages are only accessible via two hours by truck and another two to three hours by foot.


The sponsored scholars are continuing education by studying at home via online learning. At the moment it is not possible to go to school as it is not yet open.


The following narrative was written by the women in Chajul:

This is how the houses of Xachboj are.  To get there, first it takes about an hour by vehicle from Chajul to a place called Tchulul tze ‘on a dirt road, then you walk two hours to get to the Xachboj Village, where 22 families live, and to get to Santa Rosa you have to walk another hour by foot. 32 families live there. The people who came to receive their corn told us these villages are forgotten by the Mayors of Chajul who have never kept their promises to open the road, and in these times of the pandemic they are not helping them either, so they are very grateful for the support they gave him, since corn is more essential for them.”

   Some were able to use their horses to carry their loads, others did not. One quintal (100 pounds) of dried corn and 10 pounds of salt was given to each family. 

After the delivery of corn and salt, the women made people a little more aware of covid and the importance of hygiene and organization of the communities.

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