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Mundo Exchange and Laekplian Lokgatat have been sending volunteers to Kamplaphanatawee School for about 10 years now. We personally know the the director, Kittichai, and we have seen him turn down director positions at larger schools with higher salaries because of his love and dedication to the students at this school. Kamplaphanatawee is a primary school with just over 100 students located in a village near the Buengkan – Sakon Nakorn border in Northeast Thailand. The government provides funding to schools based on how many students they have, and small schools like this one are getting hit the hardest. Two teachers are retiring this year, and with budget cuts as they are Kittichai has no funding to hire new teachers. Without enough staff, the school will be forced to shut down and the students relocated to a larger school somewhere else. This video put out by the World Bank follows a small school in Chiang Rai, but the problems addressed directly mirror the setbacks Kamplaphanatawee is facing as well. DSC07548 At the moment there are no free public school buses for students, and many families in this village are living around the poverty line. They will not be able to afford the transportation to a school outside of their village and these students will be forced to drop out before they finish primary school, thus continuing the cycle of poverty. Thai teacher teaching in classroom     The salary for a teacher at this school is 10,000 baht a month (about $300). Our goal is raise $5,000 to sponsor two new teachers for a year at this school. The $5000 and any extra we manage to raise will go towards the salaries of two new teachers as well as new books and materials. As of right now, the cost of course materials and supplies are coming out of the pockets of the Kittichai and his teachers. Only with your help can we give these students the opportunity to further their education! DSC07689 No student should be denied the opportunity to learn due to circumstances beyond their control. Check out our campaign now and contribute to making education and equal opportunity for all children!
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