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These high risk elders are in need of just a little more funding.

The elders in our Adopt an Elder program in Thailand are living in abject poverty. Most of them are either completely isolated or shouldering the overwhelming task of being the primary caregiver to their grandkids despite being 80+ years old. They have a multitude of health issues related to poverty and aging and have little to no income. Many elders rely solely on a government stipend of under $30/month to pay for food, clothing, household needs, medications, costs of raising children, and other emergencies or unexpected expenses.

There are so many elders struggling in poverty in rural Thailand and we want to do everything we can for them. But we need your help.

We aim to give small but impactful care packages to the elders in our program once or twice a month. Exactly what we put in them and how often we visit is dependent on the specific needs of the individual. However each care package includes non-perishable foods such as canned goods, dry noodles, and cooking oil and sometimes eggs. We often include things like rice, fresh vegetables, and potable water if that is not readily available, and sometimes clothing, hygiene supplies, or household items such as blankets or fans. Our visits with local volunteers provide emotional and social support for these elders who often feel ashamed of their status and shunned or forgotten by their families and communities.  

At least $40 for each elder every month will allow us to create simple care packages that will meet some of their basic survival needs. We need more than $40 to give more complete care, but our goal is to at least have enough to give them monthly food packages. We have recently added three elders to the program and while we are so grateful to have Mun already fully funded Thun, Sompan, and Pa Ruay still need a little bit more to reach our monthly minimum.

By choosing to “adopt” an elder you are joining a team of supporters. No amount is too small, and we need all the help you can give to care for these elders. Currently the elders with the most presssing needs are:

pa ruay with dalyn sharing a moment

Pa Ruay

Pa Ruay needs just around $10 more a month to reach our $40 minimum.

yaai thun and dalyn smiling together


Thun is one our newest and least funded elders. She needs $30 more a month to reach our $40 minimum.

thai elder woman Sompan sits on a bench with care package


Sompan, another one of our newest elders, is still in need of $20 a month to reach our $40 minimum. 

We have about 8 elders currently in our program. The ones listed above are currently the least funded and in the most need. However we greatly appreciate and need additional donations to allow for more comprehensive care pakages and support. If you would like to become a monthly donor to all elders and your donation help whoever is most in need at any given time, you can do so here!

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