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Funded and ready to build

It’s time to celebrate! The new Center for the community of Chajul is FULLY FUNDED! We beat our deadline date for raising $10,000 for the Center in Guatemala by almost a week. Thank you so much for your kind hearts and generous donations! Together we hit our fundraising goal and doTERRA Healing Hands foundation has MATCHED our donation. 

Thanks to you, we are able to send $22,000 to the women of ACEFOMI in Guatemala. These funds will be used to not only further enhance the greenhouse that was recently put into place for community use, but will also go towards building a permanent Center for CEMIK school, education courses for all ages, cultural lessons, and more.

You have helped give a community hope and opportunity. Thank you. Currently preparing to send the funds and see this project dream become a reality! We are excited to continue sharing this journey with you.  

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