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Nestled right in there with Black Friday, Christmas, Boxing Day and New Years is #GivingTuesday, a reminder that life isn’t all about “me, me, me”. This global movement takes a step back from the frenzied consumerism and reminds us to transform how we think about, talk about, and participate in the giving season.The goal of #GivingTueday is to inspire people to help create a better world by taking collective action to improve their communities and to give back to the charities and causes they believe in. 
We hope you believe in us, and will join us this year in the spirit of giving! Mundo Exchange will be pushing our Teachers for Thailand campaign this #GivingTuesday. Please help us support Kamplafa School, a small village school set in rural Thailand, by helping us sponsor teachers! Without sponsorship, the school will not be able to afford to hire enough teachers and will be forced to shut down, leaving just over a hundred kids vulnerable to poverty by restricting their access to education. Click here for more information about Kamplafa School and our campaign.
We will be launching our campaign on the 26th of November, so keep an eye on this space! A couple of things YOU can do to make maximum impact this season: – From November 26th to Dec 10th we will be providing a free search tool you can use to find out if the company you work for participates in a donation matching program. When you donate, this is a quick and simple way to double your donation, and double your impact! – Alternatively, you can always shoot us as email at and we can look it up for you! ­čÖé – Peer to peer fundraising. After you donate, please take a second to share our campaign on your social media sites and spread the word, encouraging others to do the same! In an increasingly divided world, GivingTuesday represents a new global ritual based in joy and hope, proving that acts of kindness and goodwill can transcend country, race, religion and political ideals, and create connections between people. Let’s come together as part of this global movement to end 2019 in the spirit of generosity and into 2020 with full hearts.