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We are about halfway through November, and that means Giving Tuesday is just around the corner! With Thanksgiving, Christmas, Black Friday and Cyber Monday fueled by how much you can get, it’s the perfect time of year to see what you can give back. Life is all about balance, right?

Did you know you could possibly double your donation, or in some cases even triple it? What’s the secret to maximizing your giving potential?

Corporate Matching

Many companies have a philanthropic side that you, as an employee, can tap into by simply asking if they would be willing to match your donation! Many major companies such as Disney, Apple, Cocoa Cola, General Electric, Microsoft, American Express and Starbucks all have corporate matching gift programs in place to join their employees in giving to the causes that matter the most. And the best about about it all? If your company does have a gift matching program, you can even put in a request AFTER you have already donated! Have you donated to a nonprofit recently or even in the past year? Check with your company to see if they match donations! It’s never too late to make a bigger impact.

This is such an easy opportunity to increase your donation, but it’s also so easy to overlook most people fail to take full advantage of it.

Around 65% of Fortune 500 companies have matching gift programs, and the list doesn’t end there. Each company will have it own individual set of guidelines and allowances depending on if you are full time, part time, or a retiree as well as a cap on how much they will match and deadlines for submitting requests. For you, as a donor, there are a few simple steps to complete. Let’s say you donate to one of our campaigns. After donating to Mundo Exchange, check both you and your partner’s employers to see if they have a gift matching program in place. Find the correct paperwork to file and submit to the company. That’s it! From there the company will contact us, and we confirm your donation. Just like that, you have doubled your donation!

This is such an easy opportunity to increase your donation, but it’s also so easy to overlook most people fail to take full advantage of it. More than $7 billion worth of donations from company funds for gift matching remain untouched. That’s $7 billion that can bring medicine, clean water, safe homes, education, safety and so much more to people in poverty all over the world. Be a part of setting a new trend, people are willing to help if you just ask.

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Alone we can change a life, together we can change the world.


**If you want to donate to Mundo Exchange and are curious about whether or not your company has a corporate gift matching program in place, you can always let me know what company you work for and I can find out the necessary information!**