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We have exciting news! After a three year hiatus, Mundo Exchange Director Joan and friend, Tina, were finally able to travel to Chajul, Guatemala and visit with our local partners. It was a whirtwind of a trip full of reconnecting, checking in on projects, and sharing experiences.  Here is a message from Joan about their trip down:

It was wonderful to see everyone and to know that life, with its joys, miracles and hardships, continues to thrive in Chajul.  We visited the construction site of the new school and women’s center.  The land has been flattened and prepared for the new school and the walls and roof are finished!  Now for the inside work – the windows, the doors, the electricity, the plumbing.  Yes!  We still have a ways to go, but the foundation looks solid.  It will frame a school and center that will serve the youth and adults of Chajul for many years to come!  

We also spent time in the greenhouse, where the second crop of tomatoes was just ripening.   The women have learned lots during these two growing seasons and will be partnering with The Ripple Effect to learn more about how to grow diversified, healthy crops.  Thanks to Michael Ewens and his team at TRE!!!

We also had time to visit with all of our scholars.  Despite all of the challenges of COVID, each one has persevered and continues to learn and work towards professional jobs that will hopefully assist their local community members.  One of our scholars is SO CLOSE to finishing his law degree – just one thesis away.  He is already working hard in the local legal office, translating and interpreting legal matters for the community members.  Through your donations we are supporting the education of a future software engineer, forensic pathologist, lawyer, educator, agronomist, nurse and dentist – all so very thankful for your emotional and financial assistance!

Finally, Thanks to the ongoing generosity of St. Leo’s Church in Oakland, California, we were able to bring down much needed and appreciated funds to the amazing adult literacy program, ASEPA, that continues to teach literacy skills to adults in the marginalized areas of Guatemala City.  




construction back wall
ACEFOMI women and tomatoes from greenhouse
CEMIK kids guatemala holding bags