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A couple of days ago, our favorite (and I must say, healthiest) Thai yaai turned 107 years old! Don’t believe it? Check out that government issued ID proof there on the right.

Impressed? So are we. If you want to learn a little bit more about the colorful life of yaai “Charlie”,¬† click here!

For her birthday we brought her a nice warm hat and some other goodies, and we helped put up a happy new year sign at her home. She told us she appreciates company the most, the gets lonely at home with no one to talk to. Also socks would be nice. So we will bring Yaai some socks next time to keep her feet warm Believe it or not it does in fact get cold here in the wintertime. Maybe only for a few weeks, but those are a long few weeks for elders!

HAPPY 107th BIRTHDAY TO YOU YAAI!! You are an inspiration to us all.



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