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Last year we completed our project of building a safe and secure home in Kok Khong village for Phueng and her two girls. When we started working with this family, they were a family of four. Right before preparing to go ahead with construction, the father passed away. You can find a little more information on this family here.

We have continued out Kok Khong visits to check in on Phueng and her girls after completing construction on the house. Throughout the building process O-Nut, the youngest girl, seemed to be struggling with social skills and incontinence. We believe she really struggled with the death of her father and an immediate upheaval of her familiar home. It was a big transition. The house and yard would be messy when we came to visit, and the girls would be often be home with mom instead of school (especially O-Nut). Phueng would let them do as they pleased. We haven’t been out to see them for a month or so and yesterday we decided to stop by and check in.

Improvements in Kok Khong

What a difference! When we arrived to her home in Kok Khong, Phueng was in the back watering a garden that they have planted. They have lettuce, kale, papayas, basil, and other leafy greens growing.

She keeps the yard clean, she’s planted a garden and is taking great care of it, and she has gained some weight and looks healthier than we have ever seen her! Furthermore, the girls were both in school. She tells us the girls can be quite stubborn, but they do not skip school as much as they used to. Life at the little Kok Khong house seemed much less chaotic than before.

Upon visiting the school so we asked the teachers how the girls have been doing. The older girl, Nid, always has and still enjoys school. She is a quick learner and makes friends easily. It came to no surprise to us that she was doing well. When we talked to O-Nut’s teacher, we were thrilled to hear how she’s been doing. She has shown improved social skills, has been making friends, no longer struggles with incontinence, and doesn’s skip class as often as she used to.¬†¬†

Another Successful Home Improvement Project

When choosing this family and building this house, one of our main goals was to create a safe space that felt more secure and stable for the girls. There was a bit of turbulence at the beginning, but we are so happy to see that over the course of the year all three of them have showed improvement.

Phueng doesn’t get ill as often, she is working on being self-sufficient, and is pushing her daughters to go to school more. She is happy, more confident, and healthy. The girls have shown improvement in psychological well being, social skills, and learning. With a safe space to grow and flourish, the girls and their mom are doing just that! Thank you donors for all of your support, without you this really would not have been possible.

We love to see peoples’ lives improving, and we are so happy to be able to share it with you! Know that you were a part of this, and you contributed to helping this family in their time of greatest need. Because of you they have their basic physiological and safety needs met, which in turn allows them to grow socially with improved self esteem and confidence.

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