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Please, for the love of, I don’t know…charity, SOMEONE host a costume party fundraiser! Halloween is the perfect time for it. Being in rural Thailand, not many people celebrate Halloween anyway, dressing up is not a thing, and getting a group of people to my house is next to impossible for some reason. I love Halloween, I love dressing up, I love the spooky vibes, I love it all.

It makes me so sad that I can’t have a lavish, go all out, costume party to celebrate Halloween. So will someone please host a Halloween fundraiser party!

Its the perfect fundraiser idea. Host a party, charge an entrance fee, provide a discount for those who arrive in costume, and be clear before your friends reach the door that any money raised will go towards a nonprofit to support a good cause! (We’re doing all sorts of good things in Thailand and Guatemala including education, women empowerment, elder care, and more. Browse here to find a cause to support.)

Honestly, I love Halloween because I love dressing up. I know it’s less than two weeks away and to plan a party with an objective you have to kind of…extra plan…and busy people lead busy lives maybe you don’t have time to plan a fundraiser costume party in time for Halloween. That’s OK! It’s a fundraiser, there is basically no wrong time do have a party. Do you want to pretend we aren’t going into winter? Encourage your friends to come to a beach themed party! Do you love the Roaring Twenties? Host a Gatsby party! I don’t care what it is, just someone please, please, please have a costume party fundraiser and tag us in it so that we can live vicariously through you!

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