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Through collaboration with donors (local and international), families, associations, builders, and more we were able to build a much needed safe and secure home for a family in need! Nuan, Jong, Boom, Dan and Hang now have a home with an elevated concrete foundation, solid walls, windows that close and latch and a door that locks. This new home will protect them from the elements, prying eyes, invasion, and more! You can click through the before and after photos below to see how much your donations and support helped this family and improved their living conditions. 

Around mid – January, Nuan had a housewarming party which we were invited to. They had family and friends from as near as next door to as far as Khon Kaen (a town nearly 500km away). Family drove up from Khon Kaen just to stay for the day and help bless the house and family. It was such a special day and I am so glad we got to be a part of it!


We were invited to sit down with everyone and participate in a bai si ceremony. Bai si is a cultural ceremony of good will, welcoming, and blessings. Bai si can be performed to welcome new guests, say goodbye to someone and wish them well, housewarmings, weddings, or any sort of celebration. It was a very special moment to see family from around the country come together to bless this new home that Nuan and her family could never afford on their own. Know that your donations are always going towards family safety, community development, education, and more

Enjoy the photos of a family celebrating new opportunities together, and know that you were a part of creating joy!

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