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Earlier this month we went to watch twelve students graduate from primary school. While some may think that graduating from sixth grade is no big milestone, it certainly is for these kids! Kamplafa is a small, village school and most students come from families living in poverty. If Kamplafa didn’t exist, many of these kids would not have the opportunity to learn at all!

Thanks to the dedication, sacrifice, and hard work of the director and teachers, this school is not only able to remain open but also provides some of the best education possible for the students. Kamplafa students scored higher on their end of the year O-NET exams (a standardized test issued throughout the country) than almost every other school in the district, large and small! It is disheartening to see small schools like Kamplafa face more and more government budget cuts, especially when you look at the success of having small classes with dedicated teachers. We are continuing to raise funds to support Kamplafa in teacher training, materials, and program developments. 

By volunteering you diminished fears of speaking a foreign language, sparked curiosity, and planted the seeds of knowledge and opportunity in these young kids brains. By donating you gave us the resources to teach these kids over the years, provide quality learning materials, and fund adequate program and teacher training. We were able to give each of these twelve students a Thai-English dictionary as a graduation gift! 

We would like to sincerely thank you for your support of this partiular school over the past years (nearly 10!). With no renewal of government funds in the near future for Kamplafa, your donations are more important than ever. Please continue to give and support these kids! With our help the school was able to find a science teacher for next year. Please donate to help fund a science program, including teacher training, learning and teaching materials, and program equipment.