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About a month and a half ago the road outside of our house was completely flooded. Half of the city was flooded, actually, and we needed knee high rain boots just to get out of our house. It was a cloudy but at the moment dry afternoon and as we stood locking our gate on the way out to the market, Dalyn noticed something moving in front of the government building across the street. I didn’t see anything at first, but soon noticed movement in front of the door. A closer look revealed a tiny, tiny little kitten mewing and pawing desperately at the glass door. We looked at the kitten. We looked at each other. I sighed. Without a word we agreed and I sloshed across the road to see if she was ok. We both kind of assumed she would do as most strays do and run away from us, after which we could consequently shrug and say we tried our best. Instead this starving, cold, wet and muddy little kitten took one look at me walking towards her, mewed loudly, and ran straight into my outstretched arms. kitten One look at that kitten and I knew she would die if we left her alone. I tried to find her kitty family but there was none to be found; sometime during the flood she must have gotten separated. We brought her inside and called the vet, who estimated that she was probably about 2 weeks old. We had to feed her goats milk from an eye dropper every 2-3 hours, and neither of us said it but she was so small and frail we were wondering if she was even going to live. 20180919_120305 But this little kitten is a fighter! She found us as much as we found her and she had a strong will to live. Our initial plan was to bring her back to full health, get her vaccinated, and find her a good home. 20180908_125145 Yet despite our best efforts we have kind of fallen in love with her and she is probably going to be with us indeterminately. One of our Thai friends told us to give her a name that means something like very lucky or very good. 20180905_153828 Meet the newest member of the Mundo Mascots: Bunlai!   PS- If anyone has ANY suggestions on how to introduce a kitten to another cat  and/or three dogs your advice is very much welcome! Please please let us know in the comments! (Seriously the cat hates her and we think one of the dogs wants to eat her…)