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We’ve had quite a few people asking us about travel restrictions for Thailand and when it may be safe to come. And honestly? We don’t have a clue! Rules, regulations, restrictions, royal decrees…they are constantly changing. We are hesitant to give any concrete answers or details because we don’t want to be the ones responsible for you booking an advance ticket based on our recommendation and losing money due to updated restrictions or cancelled flights.

The best advice we can give is to hold off on any travel plans to Thailand (includng future travel) and to contact your local Thai embassy for the latest updates.

That being said, we have compiled a list of various resources for you to peruse and bookmark for later referencing.

1. The Department of Disease Control Thailand. This is a great website showing restictions, updates, case numbers, and more. Quick and comprehensive infographics, offical reports, and more.

2.  This page is especially helpful for US residents who are already in Thailand. It includes information on passport and other notary services as well as other local services.

3. If you click on the drop down tab “entry and exit information in Thailand” you can find updated information on border restrictions and openings.

4. This website is geared more for UK residents, but there is useful information about restricions and national travel within Thailand for all foreigners.

5. Kayak has generated and routinely updates a map/list of countries with travel restrictions for each.

6. A comprehensive resource for information about not only covid 19 but also other health related information around the world.

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