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Rachel makes earrings to help people. 

Rachel grew up with a large number of family members and they lived in a home in Portland, Oregon. She believes that family can go way beyond our own biological parents and brothers and sisters. 

Rachel owned a well-known clothing store for over 20 years in Oregon. She eventually closed the store to start and finish her educational master’s degree in social work. Social workers help others in their towns and cities. Rachel loves helping people, and she now works on a 24 hour telephone help line. She spends time listening to people and often helps them find solutions to problems. 

rachel and her dog, a large brown lab, Marley

Rachel has volunteered at Rose Haven, a place where houseless women and children can get help finding information about housing as well as food, clothing and medical help.

Rachel has helped elders in her neighborhood find places for needed food and supplies like clothing and work if possible. She has also helped, those in need, make medical appointments, find transport, and just listened to the young and old.                

For fun Rachel loves creating things, cooking, gardening, making jewelry, spending time with friends and her dog, Marley. One of her ongoing projects is making earrings for donations to help with food equity in both Thailand and Guatemala.

rows of small gold earrings with various designs
rows of small earrings in leafy patterns made of gold

If any of you students, teachers or others would like to know more about Rachel or thank her, we will help you write to her in English.

If you have any questions send them to and Rachel will get back to you. We will help you if you need help. Rachel has made jewelry since she was a very young child. She enjoys being creative and making things for other people to enjoy. Rachel’s earrings have already sent donations to both Thailand and Guatemala. 

Rachel’s future plans are to continue to work helping people of all ages to find their purpose and fulfill their dreams no matter what the age.

text: coming together is a beginning, keeping together is progress, working together is success" in both English and Thai