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A window of sunshine…

We were fortunate enough to be blessed (well, mixed blessings really) with a late start to the monsoon season this year. Starting our most recent #SafeHomes project on the cusp of rainy season created a race against the rains, and fortunately we have had excellent weather these past couple of weeks! (If you are new to the project or need a refresher, you can read her story here) In case of bad weather we were prepared to set up a temporary “fix” until the season was over by putting a tarp over their roof to keep the water out, but fortunately the weather stayed clear.

We were able to get the materials on site and the foundation set under sunny skies! The building process went very smoothly and the main frame was up within a couple of days.

Nuan and her family still have their original house  intact to live in until the new house is finished, and there has only been a little bit of rain but not enough to slow down construction.

When we arrived earlier last week the whole family was home. Jong was helping the men build the house, the boys were running around excitedly, and Nuan came up to us thanking us and giving us big hugs. They are so happy to be seeing a dream become a reality and so grateful for the help of Mundo, Lokgatat, and all of our international donors for coming together to create this safe space for them.


Our original plan was to give Nuan and her family a new roof to stay dry and use the previous metal sheets as well as donated sheets to put up as walls. However, the main frame ended up being a little bit taller than anticipated and we do not have enough materials to make the walls.

So, phase one of this project is complete! Nuan and her family now have a brand new, leak free roof that will keep them dry. THANK YOU to all of you how have donated to make this happen!

Now we have a slightly unexpected phase two, and that involves putting the sides on to complete the house.

Since there is no concrete base we plan to either add a concrete base or have the floor elevated, similar to the home they have now and possibly more, protecting them from flooding during heavy rains. We will continue to communicate with the family and workers to determine the best design and materials to use.

Right now we want to get the first two of three sections done with walls, windows, and a door so they have a place to sleep and store their things. The third section in the front is to remain open and covered and act as a front porch.

We would like to ask you to please give and help us complete this home. Transforming a house from an open air tin box to a home where they can stay dry and enclosed has been such a rewarding journey so far for all involved.

They are so grateful for everything we have done so far and we are excited to complete this project and give them a new place to live!

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