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As many of you have been following, we have been raising money to support a local village family. Nuan has been living in a dilapidated tin box with her husband and three boys, and our goal has been to build a home with all four walls, a front door, and protection from the elements. We really kicked off our fundraising around June and were able to raise enough to build a roof. Monsoon season halted construction due to mud and flooding, and we used that time to collect some more donations and raise enough money to finish the house.  Mundo Exchange is so very pleased to report that together we were able to raise the funds to finish the house! Construction resumed early December and the new home is already almost complete. We are hoping it will be done and ready to move into by the new year.  Thank you donors who have given to help this family. We love sharing the progress with you and are looking forward to revealing the final product! 
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