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Many of you have been a part of this from the very beginning, and the collaboration of Mundo Exchange, Laekplian Lokgatat, the local government, village leaders and builders would not have been possible without the donations from people like you! Each and every dollar donated goes back into projects such as this one.

Now, thanks to you, these two girls live in a safer environment that fosters growth. Their secure home is a roof over their heads that doesn’t leak, an elevated foundation made of cement to protect from floods, a door that you can securely lock, and a bedroom and living space that is mold and insect free! Already we have seen a marked improvement in both the mother and the two young girls’ demeanor. They are smiling more, laughing more, communicating, attending school, and exhibiting more relaxed body language.



Now that the basic need for shelter and safety have been met, there is now more opportunity for the girls to attend school regularly, focus on study, and increase social interaction with their peers.


We would like to give a huge THANK YOU to our friends of Mundo for your donations, support, persistence, and encouragement! Together we made a family feel safe in their own home.