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Sompan needs your help.

Sompan is our newest elder, and aThai who was relocated from her home and known community due to the creation of a governmental dam project.In a new location without familiar neighbors, Sompan is now 72 years old and lives alone with little outside support.She has made herself a home out of a very, very small government shack that was built of salvaged materials.

Sompan has always loved to build, and she is allowed to freely take bamboo from government land and build various sized shelters and woven rice containers. She tries to sell these to her local community to supplement her monthly $29 USD governmental income. 

 Although she has very little money an lives scarcely, she does not complain. Aging and poverty have created medical issues that need to be addressed, and she needs to be on a balanced diet for  her health. If you or anyone you know would like to assist Sompan please let us know. A group of 5 people each donating just $10 a month would reach our funding goal for Sompan.  No amount is too small. Your help would help provide more food, clean water and improve her home conditions. 

Thai elder Sompan sits on the ground next to an American woman
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