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Starting around June or July and escalating rapidly this past month, there have been mostly student-led protests around the country, primarily in Bangkok. The protestors are primarily calling for Prime Minister Pratuth to step down, re-examine the constitution and reform the monarchy.

In order to stay out of the political warzone and avoid any trouble, we would like to invite you to do your own research and look deeper into what is has been going on. This article from the Guardian is a good (brief) summary of the main reason behind the protests. This article fron Reuters is also informative. You can search and follow the hashtag #WhatsHappeningInThailand to stay updated on the protests.

Many of you have asked how we are doing in Thailand with the protests and if we are safe. Mundo Exchange is operating within Buengkan Province, and while there have been one or two small gatherings they have been peaceful. We are far away from Bangkok where a majority of the protests, arrests, and violent force is occuring. Thailand may be lucky with very few covid cases, but the local people are truly suffering from the economic fallout of closing the borders to tourism and government controls.

Thank you all for your concern, we are safe, and we continue to help families, elders, and other vulnerable individuals living in abject poverty in our Buengkan communities!