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Thun is new to the program. We are looking for donors for this special elder.

Thun is 94 years old and was born in Laos. Due to poverty and the Vietnam war Thun never had a chance to go to any school. Instead, from a very young age, Thun worked the rice fields. Later in life she fell in love, married a Thai soldier in Laos, and then moved to Thailand. She has outlived her husband and lives alone in a small rural village in Buengkan Province.

Thun is now almost completely blind but does not complain. 

She has a Thai government stipend of only about $27 USD for monthly food, necessary supplies, transportation to medical appointments and medical care. 

We need around $40 a month for Thun. If you or if you know of others who would like to give a monthly donation together please let us know, we will double it and we will let Thun know too.

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