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These two yaais are both in good health and high spirits! We have been working with both yaai Charlie and yaai Nong for quite some years now, and can attest from firsthand experience that your donations have been helping make a marked improvement in their lives. Your donations have helped boost the morale of both elders, provided much needed food and supplies from care packages, ensured transportation, facilitation and alerts to physicians and medical care needs, and promoted family and community involvement in the overall health and well being of these two women.

Thai eler woman Yaai Charlie holding up food for the camera

Thank you donors Daren Sikora, Daksha Parsad, Petra Pfann, and Joan Williams for assisting yaai Charlie. Yaai is well over 100 and has recently had a few ups and downs with illness but is now back on her feet and smiliing in the present. With the funds from our donors she is able to have additional food to support both her and her son. Her son, who struggles with alcoholism, can sometimes not be trusted to use the government assitance on food for them, but her daughter lives close by and comes in often to check on them and take care of her mom. Your donations allow us to visit regularly and bring enough extra food in our care packages to ensure she is receiving nutritional meals, and our regular visits help keep the son more accountable. She lives in a small home with no running water but is in her name so she will never have to be relocated, and accommodations are very basic but clean. With rising costs and increased health problems, we are looking for about $15 more a month to help support yaai Charlie.

Thank you to Dalyn Simmons and Kayla Hughes for supporting Nong! Yaai Nong is yaai Charlie’s neighbor and sister in law. Due to poverty she never received her birth certificate which led to her being unable to obtain a government ID and barring her from government assistance. She is still in good health and lives with family, but works to help being in an income. At the moment she is having some problems with an infected leg but your donations helped her receive care and antibiotics. Both households work together to support each other and we will often leave both care packages at Nong’s house because we know they have the capacity to cook and prepare food for both yaai Charlie and Nong. Because she is unable to receive government assitance she is in need of more support from us. If you would like to make sure Nong has access to enough food, doctor check-ups and medical care, please become a monthly donor and join Nong’s support team. We need around $15 more a month to continue providing Nong with adequate support.

thai elder woman Nong standing with a bag of food
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