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Earlier in the year Mundo Director Joan planned to go to Guatemala and oversee the construction of the greenhouse we recently raised the funds for. However, as concerns about covid-19 continued to grow she delayed her trip….and we’re glad she did!

Guatemala has closed their borders and is in lockdown mode. Businesses and schools are shut, people are to remain indoors, and (needless to say) construction of the greenhouse has been put on hold. Price gauging is becoming a big problem and the price of corn has skyrocketed as fears of food shortages grow. Fortunately, Mundo currently does not have any staff on the ground in Guatemala.

While we may not be in Guatemala, our heart goes out to our friends and cohorts who are! We are worried about out Chajul community and will continue to do what we can for them from afar.

On a ligher note….

Before lockdown, CEMIK school was going well! Days for Girls International team was able to join DFG Chajul Enterprises and together had a strong presence while making impacts on the women and girls through talks on reporductive health and rights. Thirty young women who attend CEMIK were also able to receive DFG menstural kits.

We were able to send the annual funds for our student sponsorship program already, which is great news! Now 5 university students and 4 high school students will be ready and financially able to continue their studies once the schools open up again!

Mundo also has funds from St. Leo’s Catholic Church in California ready to go to the Adult Literacy Program. Big shout out to St. Leo’s, the program would not be what it is without their funding! As soon as the dangers of covid 19 have passed and borders begin to open up again for safe travel, we will be back on the ground (or in a plane) and back in action!

As always, stay safe and stay healthy! 🙂