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First, we would like to thank Ariana for continuing to help Pa Ruay, as well as Aeva Agnello for recently joining her support team. With Ariana’s and Aeva’s assistance Ruai is provided with monthly care packages and visitations from our NGO Thai friends, visitors and volunteers.

With expenses starting to increase we need more help for Ruay.

Ruay was born in Thailand and is part of our Adopt a Thai Elder Program. She still lives in the small village of Baan Klang, near the Mekong River separating Laos from Thailand. Ruay, who is now 91 years old, continues to live in her small wooden hut without electricity or water. She only receives government assistance of around $30 USD a month for her shelter needs, her food, her medical needs and for other necessities. As Ruai’s health issues have increased, we need additional donations of about $10 USD a month to assist Pa Ruay.

If you are able to help please join her support team and become a monthly donor here.


At most visits to Pa Ruay we find her cooking up water and veggies or sitting by herself. Ruay once lived with her husband and children. After her husband died, her family and life fell apart. She tried to raise her two sons and daughter alone but in the end Ruay is now is estranged from her daughter and her two sons are unable to care for their mother due to drug problems.

Along with our bi-monthly visits, there are a few village people who come to chat with Ruay. Many of the older villagers have now become uncomfortable in her home of no furniture, only dirt floors  and fire smoke filled rooms. Now local friend visitations are almost non existent.

Ruay is also physically unable to visit her old friends in search of normality and spare food.

We continue to help through Ariana and other’s donations and continue to visit Ruay to check on her health and try to bring a heart smile from her weathered face. With assistance from the Elder Program she is able to have a better life but finds it still extremely difficult to find happiness. She is sincerely thankful for the support she receives. Again, we only need about $10 a month more to give her adequate care and attention. If you would like to assist Ruay please contact us or become a monthly donor for her.

*As an added note: if an elder reaches full funding then we will allot the extra funds to another elder in the program who is in greater need. Thank you for your generous heart and support!

Pa Ruay accepting a care package
elder Ruay receiving a care package of food
elder pa Ruay on the ground looking at a bag of food
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