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Covid cases have been peaking in local villages around Buengkan, prompting localized lockdowns and restricted entries.

As the omicron variant sweeps through Thailand many small villages with vulnerable populations are going into partial lockdowns with restricted travel in and out.

Some of our elders from our Adopt an Elder program are living in these villages, as well as many of the families we assist. Mun and her family are all currently recovering from covid, but are all doing ok so far and it looks like they will all make a full recovery.

While we may not be able to get into some of the villages to see our elders and families directly, we are working closely with local village leaders, care teams, and clinics to ensure that out bi-monthly care packages are still being delivered and elders are seen and attended to.

We are in need of more support for elders and families in poverty, especially during these difficult times. Please consider donating and joining a support team by adopting an elder today.

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