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Covid in Buengkan, Thailand:

While case numbers have managed to stay low compared to the rest of the country, Buengkan now has (at time of writing) 23 active cases and counting. The local government has issued  a 14 day closure in the province in an attempt to curb the spread. Bars, pubs, and other entertainment venues have been shut, alcohol sales in restaurants is prohibited, and many places are currently takeaway only. Nothing is allowed to function at full capacity and masks are required in public places. The government has requested that everyone stays home after 11pm. They are hoping that this will help curb the spread of covid within the province. Nearby provinces are reaching hundreds of cases already. We are still giving out care packages and taking care of our elders in the Adopt an Elder program. Now more than ever is a critical time to make sure the most vulnerable people stay as isolated and as safe as possible, Care packages help improve cleanliness and reduces the need to go out to high risk areas such as markets for food.

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Covid in Chajul, Guatemala:

While the area of Chajul has remained stable for quite some time, covid cases are going up again in Chajul.  Guatemala is currently on  level 4 travel warming for the CDC and masks are required in all social situations.  Public buildings and all public transport is only able to run at about 50% capacity, and vaccination rollout is incredible slow. Especially in the Chajul area where we are active, not many people are vaccinated or even able to get the vaccine. While we do not currently have a team member on the ground in Guatemala our local partners remain dedicated to taking care of everyone in their community, and part of the funds we provide continue to go to families for basic food and health supplies.

Your donations go towards ensuring that vulnerable people in poverty receive equal opportunities to stay safe during the pandemic despite hardships and different living situations.


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