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Education in Guatemala last year was largely put on hold due to the covid pandemic. Unfortunately covid cases continue to rise in Guatemala and incresased safety restrictions are being put in place again. On the bright side, the students of CEMIK are continuing to receive an education with their weekly lessons and cultural training via long distance learning. 

Many of these students come from poverty and usually rely on in-person learning to receive at least one nutritional meal a day at school. Despite the restrictions and long distance learning the teachers of CEMIK are visiting the homes of each student at least once a week to drop off assignments as well as food baskets for the children and their families.

The dedication to their students is above and beyond just providing an education and we could not be more impressed!

 Chajul has vaccinations available, but many in the community are unsure about the safety of the vaccine while others think the pandemic is a hoax. Some students do still come to school occasionally, but the teachers are very conscientious about the safety of their young students and are wary of the increased probability of possible exposure to infection. Currently cases are rising in both the adult and child population. 

Greenhouse updates

The women and CEMIK students did recently participate in a workshop for the greenhouse and were given tomato seedlings.  Unfortunately, they did not have the right kind of herbicide and the majority of seedlings from this batch did not survive, so they are now working with a local non-profit agricultural group that is helping them to purchase and administer the corrrect herbicides for the tomatoes.  Learning something new every day! 

Since collaborating with the local NGO they have been implementing their new knowledge in the greenhouse to plant the new seedlings. With a little luck and new skills will see a strong tomato crop which will be shared with both staff and students!

School and Center updates

With all of the COVID restrictions construction on the school is not as far along as we had projected, but they are working slowly and surely! Construction is already beginning with land clearing and planing. Progress may be slow, but it is still progress! The greenhouse has already been such a success and we are excited that now the kids will be able to have fresh vegetables as well as a new school. 

Your donations are going towards helping the teachers do the best that they can to continue caring for families in the community and ensuring the students are still able to receive an education despite all the roadblocks.