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We would like to sincerely thank Dick and Suzanne Weir for their continued assistance with elders, They first assisted Bun Mee from our Adopt an Elder program, who recently passed at 92 years of age. Bun Mee was an amazingly poor, yet rich woman whose smile lit rooms. She told us the last time we met, that she would be passing soon and so thanked the Weirs and others who helped her during her last months. Amazing woman and is missed greatly.

elder Mun with care package

The Weirs now assist Mun, a new member of our program, who is without birth certificate but is most likely in her mid 80s. When young she met a Thai soldier in Laos, fell in love and they both moved back to Isahn, Thailand. They married and had a daughter who now lives with Mun along with her 10 year old grandson.

Mun is a character! She has never had government assistance since she came from Lao and has never had any form of ID. Her lack of ID disqualifies her from any sort of government assistance for elders or insurance programs. She is pretty much home bound due to health issues but is visited by Catholic Priests in order to pray and to “thank God for what she does have”. Looking into her home it seems she also has ties to the Lord Buddha.

We bring supplies of food, clothing, medicine, water, fish, and more made possible through the monthly donations from the Weirs. She is very thankful for any help she can receive. Her daughter is great too. She works  in the rubber plantations and the rice fields to get enough money to help some with her boy’s education, nutrition, and medical care (he recently caught Covid at his little village school, but is now back in school which he loves!)

 Thanking once again the Weirs for their assistance and caring!

Thai elder Mun sits with her grandson and a fellow village woman
a Thai elder woman sits with a bag of food in front of her and sniffing an inhaler
a Thai elder woman sits on her front porch behind a young boy and his friends

At the present time Mun is pretty well funded, although if you feel drawn to her story we could always use another member on her support team! We still have other elders in our program who are in great need of funding, specifically Ruay, Yaai Charlie, Thun, and Sompan. If you would like to adopt an elder and become a monthly donor, you can joing a support team today! We encourage you to please help us provide much needed food, socialization, and care to elders living in poverty.

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