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Last year, we launched our Teachers for Thailand campaign. Our goal was to raise money to sponsor teachers and keep the school open. (you can check out our initial blog post here).

First of all, thank you to all who have donated! Your donations have helped keep Kamplafa School alive for another year!

We went and talked with Kittichai to review the upcoming year and assess the past year. There have been no changes in government policy, and they are still trying to slowly edge out small schools to the point of extinction. How are they doing this? There is no immediate threat to small schools, but when a teacher from one of these schools retires, the government is not providing the funds to replace that teacher. As a result, each time a teacher retires the staff will get smaller and smaller until there is no longer enough teachers to support the students. At Kamplafa, Kittichai and his staff of current teachers continue to sacrifice some of their own pay and personal income to support new teachers to replace the ones that retired last year.

As dedicated and passionate as they are about their students, they cannot do it alone. Your donations to our Teachers for Thailand campaign have and will continue to help support the school and go towards the salary of new teachers. The government may be cutting funds, but the village is not giving up.

So thank you again for your continued support of equal opportunity for education in Thailand, it’s making a difference!

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