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Volunteering is a fun, fully immersive way of giving back globally while learning from and engaging with other cultures, but donations are equally as important for Mundo Exchange! Your donations, both monetary and materially, act as the fuel that keeps our ongoing community development projects here in Thailand up and running. We would like to take a moment to say THANK YOU for all that you do for us, and to remind you where your donations are going and who they are helping.

Special thank you to the Price family, who regularly rally their friends back home and gather boxes of donated clothing to send to us! We often receive donated clothing both from locals here in Thailand as well as from many donors abroad, and whenever we give them out the recipients are so appreciative. Your donations have helped so many children and families in Buengkan!  

Good dental hygeine is a major issue in Isan, Thailand. Mundo Exchange and Laekplian Lokgatat make efforts to help educators teach their students proper oral hygeine such as how to brush your teeth. Thank you to the Price family and friends, the Snell family and friends, and others for your donations of toothpaste, toothbrushes, and other educational tools! We go to schools and give presentations on how to brush your teeth, as well as the importance of good oral health. We give the teachers a couple tubes of toothpaste as well as a few extra toothbrushes in case the kids lose theirs. 

Your donations go towards community projects such as transporting people like Meena (shown right), who live in rural villages, to and from the hospital for life saving medication.

As well as providing transportation, your donations go towards providing food, clothing, companionship, and supplies to families and elders living in poverty. The elders especially enjoy the companionship, and they are the most important demographic as far as the need to check in on. Oftentimes the elders we choose to “adopt” are living alone and in squalid conditions. (check out more about elders in poverty and how you can adopt an elder here) If we do not check in on them they can spend days alone and injured without anyone knowing!

So thank you for making it possible through your donations for us to get people to the hospital, make sure families don’t go hungry, and keep elders safe and healthy.

Donations of school supplies go to small schools in rural villages where most of the population lives on or under the poverty line. Last year when Isan was hit with some of the worst flooding in years, Mundo took emergency relief supplies such as clean water, food, and clothing to schools and helped distribute them amongst the students whose homes had been affected and damaged by the flooding. Your donations also go towards making education an equal opportunity for all children by sponsoring teachers. (To learn more about our ongoing Teachers For Thailand campaign, click here.)

Your donations are spent giving families safe homes. Our current project will result in keeping a family dry during the monsoon season and safe from health hazards and damage due to leaking water. Last year your donations went to giving a mom and her two young girls a new home with a secure door and window that locks for protection. And in the years before that we built a more secure home for a mom and her kids in a small rural village near Seka. 

Thank you for joining us in building safe homes for families! No one deserves to live in a high stress environment within their own home. Thanks to your donations, these families no longer have to.

To learn more about our current and past projects, check out our urgent needs and projects page on the website.

We here at Mundo, our local partners, and the community in Buengkan, Thailand are incredibly grateful for your continued support!

Donate today to care for elders, keep families safe, provide emergeny relief during natural disasters, and support education for all kids.


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