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We launched our Adopt an Elder program at the beginning of 2021 and it has been a success! As part of the program you can “adopt” an elder by becoming a monthly donor and joining a support team that provides social visits, check-ins,  and bi monthly care packages for an elder in need in rural Thailand. 

We would like to give a special shout out and a thank you to all of our donors who have been a part of a support team for an elder in 2021. Without your donations these elders would not be receiving the full physical and emotional care necessary for a healthy life. 

Pa Ruay

Thank you for being a part of Pa Ruay’s support team:

  • Ariana Harley
  • Brittany Smith Gallant
  • Ellector Chikoto
Pa Ruay Adopt an Elder Portrait
Nang Wanni portrait

Nang Wanni

Thank you for being a part of Nang Wanni’s support team:

  • Rachel Doran
  • Anonymous Donor

Bun Mee

Thank you for supporting Bun Mee in her final year of life! Your donations made a marked difference in her life:

  • Dick and Suzanne Weir
  • Anonymous Donor
Bun Mee elder adopt an elder program receiving a care package
Dam portrait elder


Thank you for being a part of Dam’s support team:

  • Amber Lewey
  • Ellector Chikoto
  • Anonymous Donor


Thank you for being a part of Nong’s support team:

  • Anonymous Donor
Nong portrait adopt an elder thailand
close up of elder yaai with her new green knitted hat

Yaai Charlie

Thank you for being a part of Yaai Charlie’s support team:

  • Dick and Suzanne Weir
  • Darryn Sikora
  • Anonymous Donor

You can adopt an elder for as little as $5 a month. Join a support team  and help an elder live out their final years with dignity